Are you interested in enriching the lives of young people? Volunteering is a rewarding way to directly contribute to the success of our school's projects while gaining valuable experience, meeting new people, and learning new skills. It's not just free, it's priceless - so don't hesitate to get involved.

Your Time is Precious...

...So spend it well! You may be interested, but think you simply don't have the free time needed to help our school by volunteering. A wise woman once said, 'Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.' It's true - in the UK from 2014-15, 14.2 million people found the time to volunteer at least once a month. On average, volunteers gave 11.6 hours of their time a month. Just a few hours spent supporting our school adds up to a big difference for our pupils.

Feel the Benefits

Helping others is one of the best ways to help yourself. Volunteering can have a hugely positive impact on your mood. For instance, the National Trust for Scotland found that their volunteers are more satisfied with their lives than the UK average. 85% of volunteers considered themselves satisfied, compared to just 78% for the UK as a whole. The NHS says there's good evidence that volunteering brings benefits to both the person volunteering and the people they support. "Volunteering can yield as many benefits, if not more, for the volunteers themselves," says Dr Casiday, lecturer at the Department of Voluntary Sector Studies at the University of Wales.

Make a Difference Today

Gain impressive experience for your CV, forge new friendships, and learn new skills - all while helping our school complete projects that enrich young people's lives. Register your interest today and get involved.

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